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Animal Sounds live!

June 28, 2016 @ 7:30 pm - 11:00 pm

Animal Sounds is a radio programme that investigates how artists are using sound to explore human-animal relationships. Broadcast on Resonance FM. Created by Robbie Judkins.

Animal Sounds live! will showcase a range of artists using sound to explore human-animal relationships.



Catherine Clover and Robbie Judkins will be performing a new improvised work focussing on the language and song of urban birds. For voice and manipulated recordings.

Catherine was born and brought up in London, UK, she studied at Wimbledon School of Art/University of East London in Fine Art (Painting). After several years’ practice, an arts residency with Gertrude Contemporary took her to Melbourne, Australia and she has been based there since the mid 90s. Her audiovisual installation practice uses field recording, digital imaging and the spoken/written word to explore the human animal relationship in the urban environment. Using a framework of everyday experience, ideas about communication within species and across species are addressed through voice and language and the interplay between hearing and listening (the vocal, the spoken) and seeing and reading (the visual, the written). Catherine completed her practice-led PhD at RMIT University Melbourne, entitled Tell Me Something: unlearning common noisy wild urban birds through listening, voice and language. She lectures at Swinburne University Melbourne (MA Writing, BA Media/Communications).

Robbie Judkins is a sound artist and musician with a focus on performance, improvisation, composition and audio-visual work. His work also explores political issues, particularly animal rights and advocacy. Robbie is the creator of Animal Sounds.


Listen Lisse and raxil 4 will be presenting a new improvised work based on a single recording of wild frogs mating.

Listen Lisse is a songwriter from New ZealandApocalyptic Noir Rock. Minimalist drone. Using guitars, vocals, loops, electronic devices together with song writing.Songs of darkly crooning intensity. Listen Lisse uses an unconventional and inventive/experimental approach to song writing.

raxil4 is sound and sculptural artist Andrew Page.
His dark brooding dronescapes combine analog and digital sound sources, including field recordings, detuned radios, computers, turntables, CD & mp3 players, tape recorders, 8-bit gameboys, handmade electronic devices, broken vintage equipment and handmade sculptural instruments (made from mainly found materials such as hospital crutches, driftwood and bones reclaimed from the River Thames).


Bioni Samp is an artist, producer and video maker originally from Leeds, Yorkshire. He currently resides in London. He creates experimental electronic music, live and on recordings. He also seasonally works with bees. When not beekeeping, he makes custom audio software and hardware, which he uses in creating his music. His homemade bee frequency instruments. Hints at a futuristic post-apocalyptic beekeepers stall. Where ecocide has made honey bees extinct. There is no honey, no pollen, no beeswax, no propolis for sale. All that remains are enthusiastic beekeepers who ‘Play’ old bee colony recordings and create new bee frequency instruments to keep the memory of the insects alive. The ‘Hive Synthesis’ Installation/performance attempts to create a symbiotic frequency relationship, like those between pollination and nectar exchanges, or between beekeeper and bees.



Contact Zone #1 is an assemblage of sounds gathered from various wildlife and animal entertainment television outtakes. The work attempts to sound the rights of nature and re-hear relations of power and mediation. It forms part of an ongoing series examining the negotiation of agency within human, animal and technological encounters, and draws context from Mary Louise Pratt’s coining of the term (Contact Zone) as a space of ‘copresence, interaction, interlocking understandings and practices, often within radical asymmetrical relations of power’ (Pratt, 1992, p.7).


Mark Peter Wright is an artist-researcher working across sound, video, assemblage and performance. His practice critically explores the relationship between humans, animals, environments and their associated technologies of capture. http://markpeterwright.net/


Tuesday 28th June
New River Studios

Illustration by Wil Judkins


June 28, 2016
7:30 pm - 11:00 pm


Rob Bie Jud


New River Studios
Ground Floor Unit E, 199 Eade Road
London, N4 1DN United Kingdom