Hypnagogic Jerk Till Midnight

Music obsessive and vinyl collector Olaf spent much of his teen years foraging for tunes around Camden, Soho and Notting Hill’s ‘Record, Tape & Exchange’.

Much to the annoyance of his friends and family (but delight of music-loving party goers), the obsession went from strength-to-strength. Always on the look-out for a classic, few London streets, shops and markets escaped Olaf’s quest for a good tune.

Now, after 20 years, from the House-fuelled warm up spots across Soho to today’s more intimate East End hangouts, Olaf’s sets cover all corners and include everything from 60s soul, funk and Bollywood to Krautrock and psych.

Olaf’s passion for music also extends to production, heavily influenced by the golden era of Motor City techno, recording under the guise of ‘Baby Red Torres’.