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Frontiers: An evening of experimental electronica

March 12, 2020 @ 7:00 pm - 11:00 pm


A genre-defying journey through electronic music, drawing from the experimental, the eclectic and the adventurous. Raw DYI sonic creations, tranquil ambient textures and thick noise walls alternate to create an experience on the intersection between contemporary popular culture and more experimental approaches to electronic music.

Donation on entry. Recommended donation is 5£

19:00 Tentative Tarantino

Taking inspiration from a wide range of genres, TT improvises with synths, drum machines and acoustic instruments to create lush soundtracks to the film Quentin wishes he had made

19:45 AninA // www.aninahug.ch

AninA hacks, builds, and brings a set-up of toys to scatter and manipulate; tape recorders, ping pong bottles, step sequencers, self-built oscillating circuits in cigar boxes and other electro-punk creations whose invisible energies are played with a wave of the hand. “Spume” is a live experiment on stage where people can observe sounds emerging from obscure electronic and everyday objects. Noises are created live, captured and processed in real-time with the computer. It is a playful act, stimulating people’s memories, emotions and imaginations.

20:30 corv // https://soundcloud.com/user-864653274

CORV is an experimental music project by electronic music producer Bias and composer, conductor and pianist Andreas Levisianos. Its style includes controlled improvisation on synthesizers, prepared, bowed and normal piano textures and real time sample manipulation.

21:30 Dusk Device // https://soundcloud.com/duskdevice

Utilising hardware synths, analogue effects, field recordings, various sampled instruments and algorithmic composition in Max/MSP, Dusk Device’s sound is atmospheric and cinematic, with a noisy, dense and analogue bent. Fluently moving between quiet and cinematic atmospheres, dance floor melancholy and thick noise walls tracks in a variety of genres emerged, from ambient music for sleep concerts, to music for more upbeat surroundings.
Influenced by electroacoustic composition, ambient, noise music and experimental electronic their tracks are an expression both of a longing for stillness and an urge for uproar arising from the urgent feeling that our ever more fractured, vulnerable and dysfunctional societies are in desperate need for composure and change.


March 12, 2020
7:00 pm - 11:00 pm