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Krautrock karaoke 10th Anniversary special “KK ARCADE” EXFED

March 18, 2023 @ 8:00 pm

10th Anniversary Special “KK ARCADE”!!
It has been 10 years since KK was born and we are happy to celebrate it with Electronic only Krautrock karaoke in Game Arcade !
This idea has been brewing in mind over 4 years and It’s now coming to fruition ! It all came true with help of my friend and his obsession for collecting arcade games , which now become Freeplay city . And we are happy to launch this new concept “electro only” Krautrock karaoke at actual gaming arcade! We have exciting idea’s but we want to test out first with kk traditional way of “plug’n’play” this time.
There will be stage set up in the middle game arcade designed for you to plug into DI and play. And one bass / keyboard amp and digital drum kit to play. several mic for vocals/percussion.
Please post songs in the normal way with these in mind.
Post your synth classics!
Musicians TBA
Krautrock Karaoke–
Since its birth in March 2013 this long, loud and anarchic night has provided a space for disciplined hedonism and indulgent improvisation of a strictly kaleidoscopic order.
KK invite musicians to perform krautrock songs from CAN, NEU!, FAUST etc LIVE!


March 18, 2023
8:00 pm