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Mai Mai Mai, Body of Reverbs, Eldairo, High Pit, Natura Morta

December 16, 2021 @ 8:30 pm - 11:00 pm

Mai Mai Mai is an Audio/Video project, an idiosyncratic examination into Mediterranean and Southern Italian folklore, a dark journey into past traditions, made of blurred memories and hazy sounds.
It can be considered as a ‘Mediterranean Hauntology’, one that avoids the pitfalls of nostalgia yet which reanimates the ghosts of a lost
past, in the form of an evocative ritual.
New ritual for contemporary bodies
A contemporary ritual where tattoo turns into sound.
B.O.R. is a sonified and amplified tattoo. A free improvisation for tattooer and musician.
A technique of subjective reconfiguration through pain, sound and a permanent mark on the body.
A post pandemic neo new age project that combines Vera Spektor and Hexn.
A project born during the first lockdown trying to make sense of the unprecedented situation and trying to create music for healing our battered and confused souls.
Ambient-psychedelic patterns with modular attitude
NaturaMorta is the solo project of Colombian songwriter, performer and illustrator María Mallol Moya (LAME, Gianni Giublena
Rosacroce, Space Aliens from Outerspace, Rhabdomatic Orchestra).
An intimate and oneiric landscape of sound; infinite reverbs, gloomy voices that overlap in a phantomy harmony that carries the soul of this songs, Amazonas field recordings from her trips in the depth her lands.