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Oooh Festival London

May 9, 2019 @ 4:00 pm - May 12, 2019 @ 11:00 pm

#Oooh_Festival – Oooh improvisation festivals have occurred in Sicily, Israel, Berlin and more places, featuring an ever growing network of some of the worlds best performers. The festival will feature workshops, live music, film, dance and much more. Details of artists will be coming soon. This is probably the biggest event dedicated to improvised music in London and it’s completely free! Each day will run from late afternoon to 11 pm, and 12 am on Friday and Saturday.

#Oooh_London Lineup

Aziz Lewandowski (Gernany) – Cello
Lorena Izquierdo Aparicio (Spain) – Poetry/Objects/ Performance
Craig C Tamlin (SA/UK) – Drums & Perc
Paul Millernas (UK) Drums
Si Paton (UK) – Bass
Sig Valax – (France) – Analoge Synth
Emilie Piloup (France) – Electronics
Mesce Basse (France) – Electronics
Gardyloo Spew (Australia/UK) -Sax
Dominic Jasmin (Canada) – Electronics
Nuno Veiga (Portugal) – Electronics
Dario Chillemi (Italy) – Guitar / Trombone
David Jackson (UK) – Sax
David O’connor (UK) – Sax/Flute
*Armi Weston (UK) – Voice
*Kay Grant (UK) – Voice
*Otto Welburg (UK) – DoubleBass
*Jim Dvorak – (UK) – Trumpet & Voice
Harrison Smith (UK) – Sax
ImproVox – Voice Improv Choir
raxil4 (UK) – pedals/0 input
Rick Jensen (NZ/UK) – Sax
Illi Adato (UK) – ElectroAcoustic Rig
Adam Bohman (UK) – Objects
Theo Gowans (UK) – Absurdist object, Voice and Tape
Floydz (Sweden) – Voice
Sam Enthoven (UK) – Theremin and other contraptions
Ron Caines (UK) Saxes
Gus Garside (UK) Double bass
James Parsons (UK) Drums
Misha MOX Salnikov (Russia/UK) – Electronics
Liz Helman (UK) Electronics
Howard Gardner (UK) Electronics
Tim Sheinman (UK) Pedal steel
Oliver Campbell (UK) Electronics
Laura Netz (Spain) – DIY electronics
Norbert Stammberger (Germany) – Sax / Pedals
David Vilayleck (France) – Live Electronics
Thea Soti (Germany) – Voice
Anthony Osborne (UK) – Sax
Lara Jones (UK) – Sax
Pietro Frigato (Italy) – electric guitar
Marco Bussi – (Italy) Piano / Live electronics
Carla Genchi – (Italy) Voice
Plastiglomerate (UK) Electronics
R.H.G.T (UK) – Electronics
Yifeat Ziv (Israel/UK) – Voice
Tarik Haskić (UK) – Reeds
Misha MOX Salnikov (Russia/UK) Electronics
Fabian Rey (Spain) – Bouzouki / Voice
Davide Rossato (Italy) – Drums
Daniel Savio (Italy) -Guitar / Objects
Charlie Ulyatt (UK) – Cello
Bettina Schroeder (Germany) – Electric Guitar
Neko Neko (Israel) – Voice / Electronics
Écritures Électriques (Germany) – Sax / Electronics

More to be announced soon…

For applications to take part please send links to recent pieces of work to: london@ooohfest.com

Please join our festival Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ooohfest/

#Oooh_Festival #freeimprov #spontaneousart


May 9, 2019 @ 4:00 pm
May 12, 2019 @ 11:00 pm