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OSP Presents: Modulator II (Stolen Body Records)/ Bones Shake/ The Howling

April 28, 2022 @ 7:30 pm

Other Side Promotions are extremely excited to present French garage Psych rockers Modulator II.
Plus special guests:
Bones Shake
The Howling Fiends
“Modulator II is a French band signed on Stolen Body Records. The project is born in the fuzzy brains of Cédric and Romain, whom are already responsible for Dusty Mush and Druggy Pizza. With this band they tackle a powerful heavy psych sound. Wholly attired in white boiler suits the band also belted out space metal.
Modulator II are clearly in thrall to the sonic explorations prevalent in the seventies and are travelling along the cusp of space rock and krautrock. Alternating and shadowing riffs from the twin guitars are propelled by remorseless drums and relentless bass. Vocals comes from behind the kit, plenty of phasing and echo adding an early Floyd feel to the mix. A still unexplored planet, Modulator II rocks its messy psych-garage like the soundtrack of a lost sixties SF film.”
“Ground control speaking, prepare yourself to fall into the abysses of the apocalyptic future. The Big Crunch is here, growling from limbo. Can you hear it? This eerie hunch, your intrinsic fears, the griming guitars are taking you there. Extinction is near, as they’re saying, trapping you between the walls of their psychotic sound.
It’s fast. Oxidised by corrupted fuzz. No space left for salvation. The rumbling bass will destroy your last illusions. The spatial voice will guide you toward your own psychoses, mayhem in your humanity, converting you with the reverb to a humanoid version of yourself. Do you still have an ounce of hope ? Modulator II’s version of the future is way more pessimistic. The universe has stopped its perpetual expansion and is going back to its tomb. It’s time to let go. Join the slivered hearse, it will lead you to the cosmic void.”
Bones Shake are a scuzzed, fuzzed, garage rock three piece formed in 2011 in Manchester. They play everything into the red; violent bottle neck blues riffs, drums kicked, pounded and twatted and
squeals of reverb drenched vocals all combine to help save your soul.
Since they started, they’ve never taken a rest from playing around the UK either as Headliners or supporting bands (Black Lips, King Brothers, Walter Lure, Guitar Wolf, Jim Jones Revue…). They have
also been in high demand in Europe where they have toured numerous times including a tour of prisons in France and more recently at last year’s sold out Raut Oak festival in Germany.
They have released 4 EPs and 3 LPs so far. Their last single was released in Europe via Never Trust Hippies records and their latest album, Sermons, was released in May 2019 on Manchester’s
Abattoir Blues label to much critical acclaim.
FFO: The Stooges, The Cramps, The Birthday Party
Howling fiendishly just for the sake of it can be liberating and pointless, exciting and painful, inspiring and draining. It’s only rock’n’roll and we like it.. well it’s more like garage psych surf