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May 28, 2023 @ 7:30 pm

Proteins of Magic
Proteins of Magic performs her UK Headline Debut at New River Studios on the 28th of May.

Living between T?maki Makaurau Auckland and Nashville, Tennessee, Kelly Sherrod is a multi-faceted artist practicing in both audio and visual media. She writes, produces and performs as Proteins of Magic, and makes visual worlds to translate her songs to screen by using claymation and digital art; creating an alchemy of sound, vision, time and nature.

There isn’t a single genre that describes the musical output of Proteins of Magic, but in broad terms it embodies the realm of Gothic; from the use of voices from elsewhere, layered upon one another, to the drama of chamber pop melded with eerie post-punk, she blurs the boundaries between innovative alt-folk and contemporary art music.

On stage she has a solitary, commanding presence, she doesn’t just transform, she almost seems possessed. Delivering her existential poetry over layers of loops of vocal harmonies, breath and flute, she fuses them together with her pulsing bass guitar.

Proteins of Magic is performing in 2023 at Big Ears Festival (USA), The Great Escape (UK), and Primavera (Barcelona).


Martin Tomlinson & Company

Steering SELFISH CUNT along a course that straddled both art and music and regarded the live interaction of video projection and audience provocation as essential to the agit-punk politics of performance.

SC’s final performance was at SO36, Berlin in 2011.
“Further developing the cut-up and live editing, I have collaborated with the artist Dario Vigorito (241247) on audio visual performances in which video projections and live and recorded sound interact in a form of narrative violence. We performed in London, Paris, Berlin, Fribourg and New York as “the AEKNOWN” collective between 2012 and 2015.”
“After caring for my father for an alcohol related illness, up until his death in 2018, I’ve been forging a new path in my artistic experimentation and practice, focusing on movement and performance as a transformative act for personal healing and a potential instrument for social change. For this reason, I’ve begun to stage workshops in various locations across London, including a weekly movement workshop at the British Red Cross’s destitution centre in London and a series of free events for low income artists and performers at the South Bank centre.”
New River Studios is honoured to have Martin Tomlinson perform, alongside some
very special musicians.
MYNK are a London-based band who formed under the shackles of isolation. They quickly discovered their sound through the creation of remote demos before teaming up with frontman and producer Faris Badwan (The Horrors, Cat’s Eyes) and Max Heyes (Primal Scream, Massive Attack) to record their debut single “Boundaries,” out now via KRO Records. The band draw influence from a wide range of both audio and visual art, from minimalist pop to David Lynch, resulting in a visceral combination of pop-noir melancholia.