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Volume 7: MGF + Sasha Ilyukevich and the Highly Skilled Migrants

February 14 @ 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Volume 7: The MGF Valentines Day Special.

“Perhaps they were right putting love into books. Perhaps it could not live anywhere else.” – William Faulkner

Come celebrate the first valentine of the decade with MyGirlFriend and The Highly Skilled Migrants. A night of heavy music, dancing, shenanigans and emotional debauchery.

Single, coupled, married, widowed, ex’s — all are welcome.

If you don’t know, VOLUME is about live heavy music in little dive environments. There is only one demand. We don’t care what shape, size, colour, gender, orientation or preference you are or call yourself, the battle is out there man, not here. Everyone is accepted till they fall out of this philosophy. Moshing is welcome.


3 Left handed embodiments of joy and schadenfreude play Right handed instruments making noise of despicable standards leaving pretty much everything to be desired but realistically, the mosh was too good for you to care. Inspired by the venue they run (they’re managed), Stefan Zweig’s Decisive moments in History & general extra curricular activities, dancing with MyGirlFriend is about kiboshing out your comfort zone, going deaf while deafening others and putting those crystals charged in the moonlight to good work. Ideally; starting out with nothing and leaving with most of it still in your possession. A bit like columbian marching powder minus the marching columbians. And the powder.

London-based Belarusian Troubadour Sasha Ilyukevich and his band ‘The Highly Skilled Migrants’ create an incomparable brew of post punk electric energy and topical lyricism. Ilyukevich writes songs in Russian to capture the essence of Eastern-Slavic heritage but translates his lyrics into English to convey the ideas behind his songs and share the nuances of language and emotion. His songs fuse Western and Eastern-Slavic sensibilities to bridge a historical divide and engage understanding between two cultures to reverse prejudice between East and West.
Noise Guaranteed. x


February 14
8:00 pm - 11:00 pm